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Springfield: The Little Town That Can't And Won't

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A Brief History

"So how do you know so much about American history?"
"I pieced it together, mostly from sugar packets."

  Grampa --- [3F08] Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming
  • Springfield was founded in 1796 by people who didn't want to marry their cousins [3F13] in a state founded by circus freaks [4F03] .
  • This fiercely determined band of pioneers, lead by Jebediah Obadiah Zachariah Jedediah Springfield [7G07], left Maryland after misinterpreting a passage in the bible. Their destination, New Sodom [3F13].
  • Before this occurred, the settlers and their ancestors lived in Sprynge-Fielde, which was founded as early as 1649 "First Toil, Then the Grave!" [5F02].
  • Springfield founding principles: chastity, abstinence, and rootmarm [3F13].
  • Birthplace of:
    • [3F04] Norman Vincent Peale
    • [7F13] Drederick Tatum
  • Major Rival: Shelbyville
    • [2F22] founded by Jebediah's former partner Shelbyville Manhattan on the basic right to marry their cousins.
  • To find out more about the founding of Springfield, be sure to read the Jebediah Springfield File.

Profile and Statistics

"....this place has a weird smell that I'm sure you're all used to...."
       Samantha --- "Bart's Friend Falls in Love" [8F22]
  • Welcome to Springfield
    • [DABF17] Elevation 1582
    • [DABF17] Population 30,720
    • [3F13] Town Motto: A Noble Spirit Embiggens the Smallest Man.
    • [7F01] State Motto: Not Just Another State.
    • [2F22] Official tree: Lemon Tree
    • [3F13] Official Song: "Embiggen his soul"
    • [BABF20] Springfield Town Bird: Bluebird
    • [FABF03] Sister city: Kabul, Afghanistan (which drops Springfield on this episode)
    • [FABF17] Temporarily renamed to Liberty-ville! Where Everything Costs $17.76
    • [KABF09] New Slogan for Springfield - Springfield: Good
    • [LABF02] Departure Billboard: Now Leaving Springfield - The Armpit of America's Butt-Crack
    • [NABF16] Springfield appears on no maps or charts
    • [PABF14] Birthplace of the Brass Knuckle
    • [PABF14] Birthplace of the Nigerian Prince (email) scam (we see Moe sending an email theoretically from Laos, Nigeria)
    • [PABF14] Birthplace of putting a tomatoe in your grilled cheese sandwich
    • [PABF14] Home of the tomb of the Unknown Mascot
    • [PABF14] Billboard: Next Stop Springfield - The Little Town That Can't and Won't (picture of Blinky)
    • [PABF14] Billboard: Springfield - Sister City with No One (blinky holding wilted flowers)
    • [RABF17] Travel Sign: Springfield: 20 miles - Please Lower Your Expectations (Picture of Blinky)
  • Ratings:
    • [9F06] America's Worst City, cover story in Time Magazine
    • [2F22] Town pride "going downhill ever since the lake caught fire"
    • [2F31] Least Popular City in America, National Survey
    • [2F31] In Science, dead last
    • [2F31] In Culture, dead last
    • [3F09] Town with Lowest Voter Turnout in America
    • [3F22] America's Krud Bucket, Newsweek
    • [AABF18] now moved up to #299 on the `300 Most Lovable Cities' list
    • [DABF03] America's Sorrow
    • [DABF03] Fat City U.S.A.
    • [HABF09] Leads Country in Heart Attacks
    • [JABF11] Meanest City in America!
    • [MOVIE1] Most polluted city in the history of the planet
    • [GABF04] First city Howell Huser, the wide eyed wanderer, didn't like
    • [PABF14] The lowest self-esteem of any place on the planet
    • [PABF19] Springfield: Unsolved Murder Capital of the World
  • Lisa's Letter About Springfield
    • [AABF18] 8 malls but no symphony
    • [AABF18] 32 bars but no alternative theatre
    • [AABF18] 13 stores that begin with Le Sex
  • Major Exports:
    • [8F10] Melted hog fat
    • [8F19] Sulfur
    • [9F14] Duff Beer
    • [9F15] fake vomit
    • [1F08] Springfield Galoshes
    • [1F08] aqua cars
    • [1F11] Boxes
    • [1F12] Malibu Stacey dolls
    • [3F17] Southern Cracker
    • [AABF02] Seth & Munchie's Garden Blast Juice
  • Major Imports:
    • Hops, Barley, and other beer ingredients
    • prisoners
    • garbage (during [5F09]) {ee}
  • Commodities
  • Major Districts:
    • [AABF08] last 4 digits of zip codes are citizen relocation codes
    • [7F07] Skid row (the wrong side of the railroad tracks)
    • [8F05] Lower East Side (Jewish section)
      • Tannen's Fatty Meats
      • Kosher Meats & Produce. Fresh Daily.
      • House of Pressed Fish
      • Yiddle's Practical Jokes (first seen as Yiddle's Jokes)
    • [8F13] Springfield Heights {also [9F10]}
    • [8F13] East Springfield
    • [9F01] the Waterfront {also [1F08], [4F13]}
    • [9F08] Lower East Side (where Homer and Marge lived in 1983)
    • [9F08] Rat's Nest - colorful name for only neighborhood where young Homer and Marge can afford to buy a house
    • [9F12] Bum town {also [2F21], [3F16]}
    • [9F15] Lower East Side (Italian section)
    • [9F21] cemetery district
    • [1F12] Recluse Ranch Estates
    • [2F02] South Springfield {tt}
    • [2F21] Junkyville
    • [2F21] Junkytown (Junkytown Legal Clinic)
    • [3F09] Pressboard Estates
    • [3F12] Springfield Marina
      • [3F12] The Sea Cap'n's Bait 'n' Barg'n B'n "C'mon 'N We're Op'n"
      • [3F12] Pier 1 through Pier 17
    • [3F16] Bumtown
    • [4F13] South Street Squidport {also [BABF14], [CABF03], [CABF08], [CABF13], [EABF08], [GABF18](?), [LABF06], [PABF04], [RABF07]}
      • [CABF08] Mussolini & Frank's
      • [CABF08] Have it Uruguay
      • [CABF08] What They Eat In Iceland
      • [CABF08] The Karachi Hibachi
      • [CABF08] The London Broil
      • [CABF08] A Taste of Serbia
      • [CABF08] Iraq E. Cheese's
      • [GABF18] Snack Shack (seaport, unclear if it's the Squidport!)
      • [GABF18] Fish 'N Chips (seaport, unclear if it's the Squidport!)
      • [GABF18] Cap'n Jack's Bait and Tackle (seaport, unclear if it's the Squidport!)
      • [GABF18] Burgers N' Fries (seaport, unclear if it's the Squidport!)
      • [LABF06] Pasta La Vista, BABY
      • [LABF06] Tiki Bar
      • [LABF06] Toss 'Em!
      • [LABF06] Photo Booth
      • [LABF08] Fresh Squeeezed Lemonade
      • [LABF08] Noiseland Arcade
      • [LABF08] Hot Dogs "Hot dogs! Not so hot dogs! Cold and droopy!"
      • [LABF08] Fried Dough "Fried dough! America's worst legal food" "Never leaves your body"
      • [LABF08] Popcorn
      • [LABF08] Basketball Shoot "Shoot an oversized basketball into an undersized hoop! It's impossible, the prizes have been here for fity years"
      • [LABF08] Lisa: Wow, the truth in boardwalking law has really done a number on this place.
      • [LABF08] Street performers: Mime, Woman playing violin, Statue, Pin juggler on a unicycle, Fire eater
      • [LABF08] Food cart vendor: Lamb Kebabs, Chicken Kebabs
      • [NABF09] Springfield Clamphitheater (Squidport's new amphitheater)
      • [PABF04] [Billboard during opening] Winter at Squidport - Dead Seals Wash Up Daily
      • [RABF07] Caricatures
      • [RABF07] Bloaters At The Squidport
      • [RABF07] LEMO[N ICES?]
      • [RABF07] Fish N' Fries (They intentionally block Fries initially so you'll think "chips")
      • [RABF07] Snack Shack
    • [5F13] Springfield Residential Hills
    • [5F17] Little Newark
    • [5F17] Crackton
    • [5F17] Russian District
    • [CABF14] West Springfield (as in West Springfield Elementary) {also [DABF04], [GABF03]}
    • [CABF18] Chinatown
    • [CABF18] Tibet Town
    • [CABF19] Ethnictown "Where hardworking immigrants dream of becoming lazy overfed Americans"
    • [EABF12] Gay Neighborhood
      Homer: What a well kept street. And there sure are a lot of gay bookstores for a straight neighborhood.
      • Alternative Knifestyles
      • Armstead's Mopeds
      • Fab Abs
      • Sconewall Bakery
    • [EABF17] Little Italy {also [GABF22]}
      • Birthplace of Beef-O-Ghetti [GABF22]
    • [HABF12] Theatre District
      • Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick in $$$
      • One Guy Named Moe
      • Stab-A-Lot  The Itchy and Scratchy Musical
    • [HABF13] Springfield Keys
    • [HABF20] Little Bangkok
      • Thai Food Factory (formerly Petco) [HABF20]
    • [KABF04] Little Seattle
      • The Java Hut
      • Coffee-Again
      • Coffee Junction
      • The Coffee Cup
      • Starrbucks
      • Java Jolt
    • [MABF21] Spanhattan (borough)(Springfield's Manhattan)
    • [MABF21] Spaten Island (borough)(Springfield's Staten Island)
    • [KABF14] Springfield Heights
    • [MABF21] The Spronx (borough)(Springfield's Bronx)
    • [MABF21] Sprooklyn (borough)(Springfield's Brooklyn)
    • [MABF21] Spueens (borough)(Springfield's Queens)
    • [LABF10] Waverly Hills
    • [NABF16] Little Ukraine
      • Tsarbucks
      • Insane in the Ukraine - Mental Health Services
      • Cossacks Fifth Avenue
      • Hot to Trotsky's - Ice Skating Rink
    • [NABF20] Little Ethiopia
      • Lion of Gojo Nightclub
    • [RABF17] Town Centre at Springfielde Glenne
      • Puttering Barn
      • Abercrombie & Rich
      • Neiman Mark-Up
      • Vulgari
      • Georgio Ourmoney
      • Circuit Circus
      • Costington's
      • Expensive Bros Jewelry
      • K-Sport
      • The Learning Place
      • Bikini Atoll
      • GAO Schwarz
      • Maura Ashlee
      • Cropduster Video
      • Spiffany's
  • Mass Transit System
    • [3F02] 3rd Street Subway Station
    • [9F10] Monorail {also [BABF14]}
    • [9F10] Escalator to nowhere
    • [3F12] City Bus Service {also [5F17]}
  • Sanitation Services
    • [5F09] Ray Patterson, Sanitation Commissioner
    • [5F09] Sanitation Dept. budget for one year is 4.6 million
    • [7G03] Springfield Toxic Waste Dump
    • [7G03] Springfield Tire Yard {not on fire}
    • [7F03] Springfield Tire Yard {also [8F08])
      • [8F08] Springfield Tire Yard still burning 1966 - 1991
      • [8F08] Silver anniversary - "25 years and still burning strong"
    • [9F01] Garbage Island
    • [3F21] Auto Wrecking Yard
    • [4F15] Springfield Dump {also [4F18], [5F09], [EABF19], [RABF03]}
      • [EABF19] Not associated with Springfield Marriott
      • [RABF03] "America's Bleakest Dump" --Dump Fancy Magazine
    • [5F09] Homer fills a mine shaft full of garbage
    • [5F09] Gorge filled with garbage
    • [5F17] Springfield Junkyard
  • Utilities:
    • [7G03] Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
    • [3F20] Springfield Power Company
    • [1F17] Springfield Dams {also [4F14]}
    • [3F21] Water: "If it's brown, drink it down. If it's black, send it back.
    • [7F13] Cable: Springfield Cable, 68 channels
  • Health and Social Services:
    • [7F06] Springfield General Hospital {also [9F09], [9F17], [1F02], [2F20], [2F31], [2F32], [3F04], [AABF02], [AABF04], [AABF17], [CABF08], [CABF14], [CABF16], [DABF04], [DABF11], [DABF13], [DABF15], [EABF12], [EABF15], [FABF23], [GABF11], [NABF01], [PABF19], etc.}
      • [2F20]  Where Burns is moved to after being shot
      • [2F32]  Where Bart is taken after consuming the metal Krusty-O
      • [CABF14]  Where Homer is taken after Marge cuts off is thumb
      • [EABF15]  Where Bart is taken after attack in fish tank at Springfield Aquarium
      • [GABF11]  If the Surgeon Leaves It In You, It's Yours
      • [HABF18]  Come For The Surgery - Stay For The Complications
      • [NABF01]  Free Cat Flu Vaccinations (Princess Band-Aids $25)
      • [PABF19]  Today's Flu - Avian
    • [7F07] Springfield Plasma Center
    • [7F24] New Bedlam: Rest Home For the Emotionally Interesting
    • [8F17] Springfield Animal Hospital {also [2F16]}
    • [8F17] Springfield Dog Pound {also [7F75]}
    • [8F18] Springfield Community Center {also [1F05], [1F21], [2F02], [2F12], [DABF09], [EABF09], [NABF14]}
      • [8F18]  "Oh! Streetcar!" A Musical Audition Tonite
      • [2F12]  Regional Ace Awards - Hosted by Dick Cavett
      • [EABF09]  Krusty speaking, with sign "Welcome Latino Voters", standing with Bumblebee Man
      • [NABF14]  Meeting Today: Irritable Bowel Syndrome Support Group
    • [9F11] Springfield Sperm Bank (Est. 1858)
    • [1F05] Springfield Men's Shelter
    • [1F12] Springfield Center for Geriatric Medicine
    • [2F05] Springfield Youth Center "Building Unrealistic Hopes Since 1966"
    • [2F08] Springfield Psychiatric Center "Because there may not be bugs on you"
    • [2F20] Veterans Hospital
    • [2F20] Marvin Monroe Memorial Hospital
    • [3F01] Springfield Child Protection Agency
    • [5F21] Life expectancy: men-76.2 years
    • [BABF02] Springfield YMCA {also [CABF16]}
    • [DABF07] John Ford Center for Alcoholic Cowboys
    • [DABF17] Springfield City Morgue
    • [DABF22] Mental Institution
    • [FABF02] Springfield Men's Mission "One Hot and Maybe a Cot"
    • [FABF03] Springfield Animal Shelter
    • [FABF16] Springfield Employment Agency
    • [GABF06] Springfield Orphanage
    • [GABF10] Calmwood Mental Hospital "We Now Treat March Madness"
    • [PABF06] Springfield Medical Plaza "Dr. Sheila Eisenberg O.D., Suite 402"
    • [RABF11] Springfield Sanitarium
  • Major Geographic Features:
    • [7G09] Tenderfoot Gorge
    • [7F06] Springfield Gorge {also [9F12]}
      • [9F12] The Third Most Beautiful in the State
    • [8F01] Springfield National Forest
    • [8F12] Mt. Springfield {also [2F09], [BABF14], [DABF04]}
    • [8F14] Mystic Caverns
    • [8F17] Springfield River {also [3F01]}
    • [9F01] Springfield Harbor {also [9F19], [3F12], [DABF03]}
      • [9F01] Smoke on the Water
      • [9F19] Where the sewage meets the sand
    • [9F21] Alkali Flats [also desert, Badlands] {also [1F03], [3F08], [4F18]}
    • [1F03] Grand Chasm
    • [1F14] Lake Springfield {also [DABF04]}
    • [1F18] The Beach {also [2F01], [2F10], [3F22]}
    • [4F07] Carter-Nixon Tunnel
    • [4F10] Mt. Useful
    • [5F05] Sacred Tooth Meadow (adjacent to Heavenly Hills mall)
    • [DABF01] Spotted Owl Habitat (OK, maybe not a geographic feature...)
    • [DABF01] Springfield Wetlands
    • [GABF05] Springfield Glacier
    • [GABF14] Springfield Mesa
    • [LABF06] 3rd Base Point - cliff overlooking Springfield
      (where Moe and Maya go)
    • [RABF08] Springfield Falls "Lamest Falls In America" -
      • 15 miles North past the Warren Harding Memorial Throughhole.
    • Highest Elevations:
      • [5F16] Murderhorn Mt., no elevation given, but it towers over everything
      • [9F07] Widow's Peak, elev. 13,613 ft.
  • Minor Geographic Features (Streets and Addresses, Highways and Bridges)
    • [MABF21] Springfield is Exit 63B on the Interstate Highway
    • [2F02] 4871 Adel Av (Jeb Neu in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [2F02] 11057 Balken (Jack Neu in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [GABF21] Bart Blvd (shown at intersection with Evergreen Terrace, Bart steals sign)
    • [2F02] 1124 Beachwood (Jennifer Neu in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [2F02] 3846 Birch (Richard Nash in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [2F02] xx42 Blake Av (in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [2F02] 31158 Blake (Teil Moss in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [LABF02] 100 Baloon Payment Blvd (Blue Umbrella Insurance)
    • [4F13] 44 Bow Street (Dr. Nick Riviera) (actually, Harvard Lampoon!)
    • [2F02] 4453 Briarwood (Susan? New in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [1F05] 534 Centre St. (Krusty the Clown) (Free trampoline)
    • [3F15] 77842 Calypso Rd (Troy McClure, from driver's license)
    • [2F02] 483 Columbus (Allison Neu in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [2F02] 15159 Cranberry (Toby Muntz in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [7F07] Croesus (Mr. Burns)
    • [7G03] D Street
    • [7F24] Dalai Lama Expressway
    • [4F08] 11905 Dead Weasel Road
    • [NABF20] East Oak Street [Classy Girls Strip Club "Onstage: Nelson's Mom" (Nelson is standing outside)]
    • [NABF20] East Oak Street [Meth Lab]
    • [MABF21] 652 8th Avenue (where camp counselers Ethan Ballantyne and Kurt Hardwick live)
    • [7G05] Elm Street {also [7F11], [8F14]}
    • [AABF18] 13 Euclid Street (Where Mensa meeting is held)
    • [3F04] Evergreen Terrace (The Simpsons) (THOH episode title, "Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace") {also [7F22], [9F08], [3F09], [3F20]}
    • [3F09] Evergreen Terrace (we see street sign) Homer: Good ol' Evergreen Terrace. The swankiest street in classiest part of Pressboard Estates.
    • [5F21] Evergreen Terrace (The Simpsons) (episode title, "Wizard of Evergreen Terrace")
    • [FABF22] Evergreen Terrace (Chloe: Marge! Where are you living now? Marge: (mumbling) Evergreen Terrace. Chloe: Paris? Just like you always dreamed. Marge: (dejectedly) Terrace. Evergreen Terrace. The street that smells like pee.)
    • [GABF21] Evergreen Terrace (shown at intersection with Bart Blvd)
    • [MABF12] Evergreen Terrace (street sign seen repeatedly during this episode)
    • [RABF07] Evergreen Terrace (seen on GPS in Homer's car)
    • [8F01] 59 Evergreen Terrace (The Simpsons)
    • [HABF13] 74 Evergreen Terrace (Scott & Brenda Weingarten) (whose mail and packages Homer accidentally receives)
    • [HABF13] 82 Evergreen Terrace, Apt. 13 (Edna Krabappel's apartment)
    • [7F22] 94 Evergreen Terrace (The Simpsons) {also [8F06], [8F16]}
    • [HABF13] 555 (Evergreen Terrace??) (Moe Szyslak) (Nelson and Bart painting curb numbers)
    • [1F09] 723 Evergreen Terrace (The Simpsons)
    • [HABF13] 738 (Evergreen Terrace) (The Flanders) (Nelson and Bart painting curb numbers)
    • [3F09] 740 Evergreen Terrace (The Flanders)
    • [9F09] 740 Evergreen Terrace (Implied address of Reverend Lovejoy in this episode)
    • [9F09] 742 Evergreen Terrace (The house Snake, cattle rustler, drives away from)
    • [9F14] 742 Evergreen Terrace (The Simpsons) {also [9F20], [1F21], [2F13], [3F12], [3F17], [4F01], [4F11], [4F16], [AABF02], [AABF08], [AABF12], [AABF23], [BABF05], [BABF06], [DABF08], [FABF10], [GABF04], [HABF13], [JABF19], [KABF11], [KABF15], [LABF03], [MABF04], [MABF05], [MABF06], [MABF07], [MABF09], [MABF22], [NABF05]}
    • [5F06] 744 Evergreen Terrace (The Flanders)
    • [FABF07] 763 Evergreen Terrace (The Simpsons) {also [FABF15] [the Pieman]}
    • [9F06] 1094 Evergreen Terrace (The Simpsons)
    • [CABF14] 123 Fake Street (where Bart & Milhouse duck into with fireworks)
    • [JABF02] 19 Fish Smell Drive (Nelson Muntz)
    • [8F14] 14th Street
    • [HABF20] Freeway 103 (Highway type sign Bart & Skinner dueling on top of bus have to duck to miss)
    • [MOVIE1] Freeway 105 (Dome Depot - Located at the intersection of the 105 Freeway and the dome)
    • [2F02] 52441 Green St (Ken Neu in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [2F02] 220 Hazel Av (Adam Moss in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [FABF17] Hellman Ave. (Hellman Ave Medical Plaza)
    • [7F24] Highland
    • [JABF02] Highway 88 (Nelson: Is Highway 88 backed up?)
    • [2F02] xx855 Holden (in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [LABF18] 53 Hyperion Drive (Andy Hamilton "best prankster ever")
    • [4F19] 35 Industry Way (Bart's factory)
    • [DABF17] Interstate 95 {also [KABF15]}
    • [GABF04] Jefferson Avenue
    • [3F02] King Street
    • [2F02] 75532 Kirkle (Richard New?? in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [2F02] 230 Kirkwood (Cathy Neu in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [2F02] xx2351 Lake (in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [2F02] 447 Laurel (Barbara G. in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [7G03] Main Street {also [9F10], [1F21], [2F17], [2F07], [3F10], [3F16], [4F15], [KABF15]}
    • [2F02] 9728 Main St (A Gorilla in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [1F09] 1000 Mammon Lane (Mr. Burns) {also "Mammon" [7F07]}
    • [1F09] 4723 Maple Valley Road
    • [DABF07] Martin Luther King Boulevard (Krusty the Clown Show)
    • [7F24] Michael Jackson Expressway {also [8F17]}
    • [2F02] 279 Montour St (Bert Gaines in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [4F16] 57 Mt. Auburn Street (Mr. Mitchell)
    • [9F11] 920 Oak Grove (Hans Moleman)
    • [2F02] 635 Oakwoo(d) (Robert Gordon in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [CABF22] 1 Ocean View Drive (Judge Constance Harm's houseboat)
    • [HABF20] Old Springfield Road (Highway type sign Bart & Skinner dueling on top of bus have to duck to miss)
    • [3F02] 181st Street
    • [2F02] 486 Pacbell Lane (Bob Newhall in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [PABF06] 316 Pikeland Ave. (Milhouse Van Houten)
    • [2F02] 7238 Pine (Mary G. in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [PABF18] Pioneer Trail - Route 101
    • [RABF12] 12 Plympton Street (Where Bart takes music lessons)
    • [3F17] 19 Plympton Street (Springfield Elementary) {also [MABF04]}
    • [2F02] 8462 River Dr (Harold G. in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [LABF19] Route 1 (Moe: How about all that construction on Route 1?)
    • [3F15] Route 18 (Route 18 Flea Market and Drive-In)
    • [PABF18] Route 33 Historic Route
    • [GABF10] Route 98 (Knockers on Route 98)
    • [PABF18] Route 101 - Pioneer Trail
    • [GABF04] Route 202
    • [LABF19] Route 205 (Homer: Now to get on route 205 and it's a straight shot home [from skiing])
    • [7F24] Route 401 {also [8F03], [8F06], [9F20], [5F21]}
    • [JABF12] Rural Route 27 (Cletus & Brandine)
    • [MABF14] Shelbyville Rd - Classified ad in Springfield Shopper for a Moving Sale
    • [4F13] South Street (South Street Squidport)
    • [8F24] 430 Spalding Way (The Simpsons)
    • [2F02] 5217 Sunflower (C Getty in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • [3F02] 3rd Street (Subway Station)
    • [7G03] Twelfth Street {also [9F20]}
    • [3F02] 156th Street (street Bart passes on way to Milhouse's Grandmother)
    • [3F02] 257th Street (Milhouse's Grandmother)
    • [8F08] Walnut St (Moe's Bar, Springfield Junior High School)
    • [GABF14] Warren Harding Memorial Throughhole
    • [NABF20] West Oak Street [Monoclecrafters]
    • [NABF20] West Oak Street [Vulgari]
    • [NABF20] 1501 West Oak Street [El Chemistri]
    • [3F04] XYZ Street (in the third dimension)
    • [DABF07] Zany Avenue (Krusty the Clown Show)
    • [DABF14] 3557 ? Springfield Bachelor Apts. (Apu in 5B)
    • [4F08] P.O. Box 182 (Springfield Investorettes)
    • [8F16] P.O. Box 402 (Springfield Magazine)
    • [BABF14] P.O. Box 2153-1264 Room RR-312-BB5 (Springfield Bell)
    • [4F11] P.O. Box 2323 (Springfield Gas Co.)
    • [7G06] Springfield Bridge
    • [8F14] Springfield Memorial Bridge
    • [KABF02] Suicide Bridge: In Memory of Governor Chester L. Suicide
  • Telephone Numbers
    "The fingers you have used to dial are too fat. To obtain a special dialing wand, please mash the keypad with your palm now."  "King-Size Homer" [3F05]
    In episode [BABF20] the area code for Olde Springfield continues to be 636 and for New Springfield it is now 939.
    • 911 [7F07] Homer: Operator! Give me the number for 911!
    • 911 [CABF14] Wiggum: 911, this better be good... (Marge has cut off Homer's thumb)
    • 911 [CABF08] Dr. Hibbert to CBG: If these boys hadn't called 911 I'd be wearing that watch right now.
    • 911 [CABF18] Police cruiser has 911 on it
    • 911 [CABF22] Police cruiser has 911 on it
    • 911 [DABF03] Dr. Hibbert tells Apu to call him on 911 when his candy arrives
    • 911 [DABF16] Police cruisers have 911 on them
    • 911 [DABF17] When mob attacks him in his police cruiser he yells out "someone call 911!"
    • 911 [DABF17] (On Homer's security commercial) ...don't dial 911! (call Spring Shield)
    • 911 [NABF21] Wiggum, in the police station: I better call 911. (It's busy... obviously) It's always busy when I call! What a bunch of idiots.
    • 911 [RABF12] Police cruiser has 911 on it
    • 912 [8F17] Wiggum, answering phone: No. This is 91....2.
    • 912 [2F09] Carl: Oh, and don't bother calling 911 anymore... here's the real number (hands Homer a card with "912").
    • 325-6753 [2F11] Springfield Observatory
    • 369-3084 [3F12] Number on wreath when Krusty faked his death {bh}
    • 369-3084 [BABF21] Grampa Simpson (Number Homer dials to reach him)
    • 519-3444 [1F05] The Flanders
    • 553-7557 [BABF21] Grampa at the Springfield Retirement Home
    • 555-0000 [MABF14] Classified ad in Springfield Shopper for Art - ERTE BRONZE
    • 555-0001 [4F01] Mr. Burns
    • 555-0001 [MABF14] Classified personals ad in Springfield Shopper for Eve
    • 555-0011 [RABF12] 12 Plympton Street, where Bart takes music lessons
    • 555-0113 [BABF20] The Simpsons
    • 555-0123 [HABF20] The Simpsons - Simpsons Carpentry
    • 555-0123 [HABF21] The Simpsons (Marge's phone tree to take back Springfield from the military)
    • 555-0134 [HABF21] Helen Lovejoy (Marge's phone tree to take back Springfield from the military)
    • 555-0148 [HABF21] Carl (Marge's phone tree to take back Springfield from the military)
    • 555-0154 [HABF21] Lenny (Marge's phone tree to take back Springfield from the military)
    • 555-0172 [HABF21] Ned Flanders (Marge's phone tree to take back Springfield from the military)
    • 555-0182 [HABF21] Selma (Marge's phone tree to take back Springfield from the military)
    • 555-0193 [HABF21] Patty (Marge's phone tree to take back Springfield from the military)
    • 555-0362 [HABF09] Dr. Egoyan (helps old people kill themselves))
    • 555-0743 [FABF21] (KL5-0743) Goose's Gags and Gifts (old number)
    • 555-1000 [5F01] Sleep-Eazy Motel (lights flicker to SL E AZY MOTEL)
    • 555-1111 [MABF14] Classified ad in Springfield Shopper for Norwegian Forest Cats
    • 555-1231 [RABF04] Sign on telephone pole: Babysitter 555-1231
    • 555-1234 [MABF14] Classified ad in Springfield Shopper for Art - Oils & Lithos
    • 555-1237 [MABF14] Classified ad in Springfield Shopper for Furniture
    • 555-1239 [7F15] Moe's Tavern
    • 555-1287 [MABF14] Classified personals ad in Springfield Shopper for Edna
    • 555-1298 [MABF14] Classified ad in Springfield Shopper for a Moving Sale
    • 555-1680 [1F07] (KL5-1680) Marital Stress Helpline
    • 555-1919 [MABF14] Classified ad in Springfield Shopper for a Casino slot machine
    • 555-2226 [AABF02] (KL5-2226) The Simpsons
    • 555-2233 [9F12] (KL5-2233) Bigger Brothers
    • 555-2253 [2F02] (in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • 555-2362 [2F02] Susan New in Springfield Telephone Directory
    • 555-2382 [2F02] Cathy Neu in Springfield Telephone Directory
    • 555-2761 [MABF14] Classified ad in Springfield Shopper for Collectibles - BEANIES
    • 555-3223 [9F07] (KL5-3223) Mr. Plow: Home
    • 555-3226 [4F08] The Pretzel Wagon
    • 555-3226 [9F07] (KL5-3226) Mr. Plow: Business
    • 555-3226 [AABF02] (KL5-3226) The Simpsons (Homer fills out SAG Membership form)
    • 555-3457 [8F17] (KL5-3457) Springfield Magazine: Looking for Love?
    • 555-3457 [8F17] (KL5-3457) The Simpsons
    • 555-3609 [8F17] The Simpsons (In the captions only!)
    • 555-3642 [4F13] Dr. Hibbert's office
    • 555-3648 [EABF08] (555-DO IT) Cookie Kwan Realty
    • 555-3652 [2F02] Jennifer Neu in Springfield Telephone Directory
    • 555-3700 [8F22] (KL5-3700) Dr. Marvin Monroe's Subliminal Tape Club
    • 555-3726 [4F16] The Simpsons
    • 555-4344 [2F02] Bob Newhall in Springfield Telephone Directory
    • 555-4427 [2F02] Teil Moss in Springfield Telephone Directory
    • 555-4468 [2F02] (in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • 555-4796 [9F07] (KL5-4796) Plow King
    • 555-5246 [3F14] (KL5-5246) Mr. Burns office
    • 555-5299 [7F10] (Klondike 5-LAWW) Lionel Hutz
      "Clogging Our Courts Since 1976"
    • 555-5472 [FABF09] (KL5-5472) The Simpsons (on poster to find Lisa)
    • 555-5543 [2F02] Jeb Neu in Springfield Telephone Directory
    • 555-5782 [4F01] Prof. Frink's lab
    • 555-6425 [1F10] Channel 6 Consumer Watchdog Unit
    • 555-6425 [4F13] (555-PAIN) Dr. Nick's Clinic
    • 555-6473 [MABF14] Classified ad in Springfield Shopper for Jewelry
    • 555-6683 [GABF15] (555-MOVE) Moving? Starving Teachers
    • 555-6528 [7F02] The Simpsons
    • 555-6587 [EABF22] The Simpsons (On flyer for lost $1000 bill Bart finds)
    • 555-6723 [MABF14] Classified ad in Springfield Shopper for a Moving Sale on Shelbyville Rd
    • 555-6754 [7F15] Homer's work number
    • 555-6832 [7F15] The Simpsons
    • 555-6921 [9F21] "For a good time, call Edna K"
    • 555-7121 [MABF14] Classified ad in Springfield Shopper for a canoe
    • 555-7246 [7G01] (555-PAIN) KBBL talk radio, talk show dial-in
    • 555-7334 [7F02] Homer's work number
    • 555-7666 [2F02] Jack Neu in Springfield Telephone Directory
    • 555-7823 [2F02] (in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • 555-8396 [2F02] Allison Neu in Springfield Telephone Directory
    • 555-8707 [????] (The Simpsons) (Was also(?) UFA)
    • 555-8752 [2F02] Ken Neu in Springfield Telephone Directory
    • 555-8821 [8F21] Bumper sticker: "How's My Driving?"
    • 555-8848 [2F02] (in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • 555-8897 [2F02] (in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • 555-8904 [4F01] The Flanders
    • 555-9753 [2F02] (in Springfield Telephone Directory)
    • 555-9837 [BABF03] (555-X-TERM-N-8) Exterminator Homer attempts to dial for badger
    • 555-9871 [MABF14] Classified ad in Springfield Shopper for Clinton/Gore posters, pictures, buttons
    • 555-9972 [2F02] Toby Muntz in Springfield Telephone Directory
    • 555-9973 [2F02] Richard in Springfield Telephone Directory
    • 555-9996 [2F02] Richard Nash in Springfield Telephone Directory
    • 556-5555 [EABF12] (KLN-5555) Adv't: Springfield Rents: Call KLN-5555 ask for Grady or Julio in Village Apartments
    • 556-5555 [DABF05] (KLN-5555) Movie Call
    • 685-9232 [AABF08] (Murray Hill 5-9232) Vincent Price's Egg Magic
    • 685-6309 [DABF10] (Murray Hill 5-6309) (Number dialed by automated operator at Zovuvazz)
    • 764-8437 [3F14] (SMITHERS, dialed by Burns) Moe's Tavern
    • 1-555-665-4558 [EABF10] (1-555-NO-KILL-U) Suicide Hotline (on billboard)
    • 1-600-362-8672 [9F09] (1-600-DOCTORB) Dr. Nick Rivera's $129.95 operation special
    • 1-800-555-1212 [4F16] The Covet House
    • 1-800-555-3872 [1F17] Sugar truck: "How Am I Driving?"
    • 1-800-555-4847 [7G04] (1-800-555-HUGS) Dr. Monroe's Family Therapy Center
    • 1-800-555-8778 [7G01] (1-800-U-SQUEAL) America's Most Armed and Dangerous
    • 1-888-555-4727 [GABF19] (1-888-555-IRAQ) Truck Drivers Needed in Iraq
    • 1-888-555-9595 [JABF15] (1-888-KL5-9595) Parade Banner: How's My Marching?
    • 1-900-366-8783 [9F04] (1-900-DONT-SUE) On box of cursed "Krusty Talking Doll!"
    • 1-900-555-2679 [9F12] (1-900-555-CORY) Corey Hot Line
    • 1-909-685-5696 [7F24] (1-909-O-U-KLOWN) Krusty Hot Line on cereal box
    • 1-909-685-5696 [8F05] (1-909-O-U-KLOWN) Krusty Hot Line
    • 1-909-739-2428 [8F05] (1-909-SEX-CHAT) Krusty makes a call
    • 1-909-946-2444 [8F12] (1-909-WIN-BIGG) Coach's Hotline
    • 1-917-555-0184 [8F12] (917-555-0184) Hell Skank
  • Politics
    • [9F12] Springfield Communist Party
    • [2F02] Republican Party Headquarters
      • Mr. Burns
      • Birch Barlow
      • Texas Oil Man (Colonel Tex?)
      • a Nosferatu
      • the big shot Lawyer
      • Dr. Hibbert
      • Rainier Wolfcastle (aka McBain)
    • [2F02] League of Uninformed Voters
    • [2F09] The Stone Cutters
    • [2F19] Springfield P.T.A.
    • [3F13] Town Jubilation Committee [tourist council]
    • [2F02] Registered Voters in 1994: 48,000 [some of these registered voters were discovered to be dead Springfieldianites and pets]
    • [DABF01] Republican Party Headquarters
      • Mr. Burns
      • Ralph Nader
      • Krusty the Klown
      • Dracula
      • strong man
      • Bob Dole
    • [EABF09] Republican Party Headquarters
      • Mr. Burns
      • Colonel Tex
      • Rainier Wolfcastle (aka McBain)
      • Dr. Hibbert
      • Krusty the Klown
      • Bob Dole
      • Dracula
  • Government:
    • [7G03] City Hall
    • [9F20] City Hall: Mayor's Office (Seal: Corruptus in Extremis)
    • [7F10] Court House {also [8F03], [9F20], [3F01], [CABF12], [GABF05], [DABF03], etc. }
    • [7F22] Springfield Post Office {also [5F14]}
    • [8F05] Old Springfield Library {also [8F12], [8F15], [4F18], [5F22], [DABF03], [EABF02]}
    • [8F21] Department of Motor Vehicles {also [9F14], [2F14], [3F15], [3F17], [DABF09], [GABF06], [LABF05], [MABF07], [NABF16]}
      • [MABF07] Opening Billboard: Springfield DMV Wait Time: 38 Hours
      • [NABF16] Marge: [DMV] A place where a sadistic man with government experience can feel right at home.
    • [9F01] Fire Service: Springfield Volunteer Fire Department - SPFD {also [3F18], [AABF22]}
    • [9F10] Town Hall {also [1F08], [2F02], [2F11], [3F20], [4F06], [AABF18], [BABF20], [BABF21], [CABF02], [DABF17], [EABF09], [EABF21], [FABF15], etc.}
    • [EABF05] Springfield County Court House "Liberty and Justice for Most"
    • [1F03] Springfield Superior Court
    • [1F08] Social Security Office
    • [1F08] Springfield Office of Unemployment {also [5F06]}
    • [2F02] Springfield Hall of Records [Not the Good Kind of Records, Historical Ones] {also [3F06]}
    • [3G01] FBI Springfield Branch [Invading Your Privacy for 60 Years]
    • [4F04] Springfield Marriage Bureau
    • [4F19] Personalized License Plates Office
    • [4F19] Tax Seizures Auction Room
    • [5F09] Sex Offender Registration Office
    • [5F22] Springfield Municipal Bldg. first seen
    • [AABF07] old Town Hall seen again
    • [AABF09] Springfield Municipal Court
    • [AABF18] courthouse temporarily renamed "Municipal Fortress of Vengeance"
    • [AABF18] jury temporarily renamed "Justice Squadron"
    • [AABF18] old Town Hall seen again
    • [AABF22] Springfield Bookmobile
    • [CABF22] Springfield Juvenile Court
  • Military
    • [8F13] Fort Springfield
    • [9F02] Fort Springfield
      • comedian Bob Hope on stage, riot follows
    • [1F08] Fort Springfield
      • closed down
    • [1F14] Fort Springfield
      • killbot factory
    • [1F18] Fort Springfield
      • Proud Home of Secret Civilian Mail Opening Project
    • [2F11] Springfield Armory
    • [2F19] Fort Springfield
    • [3F08] Springfield US Air Force Base
      • air show
    • [3G04] Springfield Naval Reserve Base
    • [5F17] Army Proving Ground
    • [5F17] Area 51-A
    • [AABF22] Fort Fragg
    • [CABF14] Fort Fragg hit by fireworks
  • Crime Profile
    • [2F20] dozens gunned down each day
    • [3F19] 47 executions under current authorities
  • Sports
    • [7F05] Springfield Isotopes Baseball Team {also [9F12], [9F14], [2F22], [4F08], [AABF07]}
    • [7F06] Springfield Speedway {also [9F11]}
    • [7F06] Monster Truck Rally with Truckasaurus
    • [8F13] Springfield Zephyrs Softball Team
    • [9F12] Children's Soccer League
    • [9F15] Springfield Gravelarium [Live Professional Wrestling]
    • [1F14] Springfield Atoms Football Team, Annual Pigskin Classic against the Shelbyville Sharks
    • [2F05] Children's Hockey League
    • [3F14] Springfield Dragway
    • [4F03] Association of Springfield Semi-Pro Boxers (ASSBOX)
    • [5F01] Continental Soccer Association
    • [5F03] Springfield Wildcats Peewee football team
  • Wall of Fame
    • [LABF01] Names on the Wall of Fame:
      • Row 1
        • Jebediah Springfield
        • Dr. Hibbert
        • Mayor Quimby
        • Ranier Wolfcastle - Movie Star, Former Gov
        • C. M. Burns - Nuclear Pioneer
        • The Springfield Strangler - Serial Killer
        • Duffman - Spokes Logo
        • Krusty - Businessman, Clown
        • Troy McClure - Screen Star
        • Henry K. Duff - Brewmeister
        • Gabbo
      • Row 2
        • Professor Frink
        • Kent Brockman
        • Bumblebee Man - Tragic TV Star
        • Bill & Marty
        • Artie Ziff - Successful Businessman
        • Sideshow Bob - Psycho
        • Poochie - Cartoon Dog
        • Mr. Teeny - TV Personality
        • El Barto (? instead of picture) - Grafitti Artist
        • Bleedin' Gums Murphy - .... Legend
        • Lurleen Lumpkin
      • Row 3
        • ...
        • ...
        • Sideshow Raheem
        • Luscious Sweet?
        • Hank Scorpio - Philanthropist (later switches to Butthead)
        • Chazz Busby - Director, Choreographer (later switches to Homer) (see below)
        • Paul Yield - Inventor (Quimby: Man who invented the yield sign, Paul Yield)
        • Vance Connor - Successful Businessman (unveiled during ceremony))
        • Blank
        • Blank
      • Row 4
        • ...
        • ...
        • John Swartzwelder - Writer
        • Drederick Tatum
        • Scratchy
        • Fat Tony - ... Businessman
        • Plopper - Spider Pig
        • Blank
        • Blank
        • Blank
      • (Homer theoretically displaces Seymour Skinner, shown in garbage as they walk away at end of episode.)


"I feel it all the way up my skirt." "Ditto."
  Patty & Selma and the tornado --- "Bart Gets an Elephant" [1F15]
  • Acid Rain
    • [DABF01] acid rain burns Frink, Skinner, Groundkeeper Willy
  • Animals
    • [9F18] thousands of snakes headed for the Simpsons home
    • [1F05] breakaway Ferris wheel causes a zoo stampede
    • [1F15] elephant stampede
    • [AABF10] rhino stampede
  • Avalanche
    • [9F07] the Plow King is trapped by a small avalanche
    • [4F10] Mr. Burns and Homer are trapped on Mt. Useful
  • Blizzard
    • [CABF06] Kent Brockman: The weather service has now upgraded from winter wonderland to a class III kill storm (Skinner, Willy and children trapped in school)
  • Concussion Shockwave
    • [4F21] caused by a sudden sound wave from Bart
  • Crime Spree
    • [1F09] city wide burglaries by the Cat Burglar
    • [1F09] heavy sack beatings up 900%
    • [2F20] dozens gunned down every day
    • [AABF11] prison breakout-- Marge breaks down the fence
  • Drought
  • Earthquake
    • [2F16] Mr. Burns drilling for oil causes earthquakes
    • [5F09] the ground shakes and erupts with garbage
  • Extraterrestrial
    • [8F02] Aliens invade Springfield
    • [2F11] Bart's Comet approaches
  • Fire
    • [7G06] Symphony Hall, Springfield Arts Center, Springfield Museum and Barney's Bowl-a-Rama burns down
    • [8F08] tire fire since 1966
    • [AABF16] Springfield tire fire est. 1989
    • [9F01] 742 Evergreen Terrace burns
    • [9F10] fire burning on the East side of town
    • [1F11] Spinster Apts burns down again
    • [4F15] Mysterious Liquor Clouds from burning liquor over Evergreen Terrace {me}
    • [BABF14] Fire at Mount Springfield resulting from hot flash bulb from Bart and Lisa's camera {df}
    • [ F ] mysterious fire burns down the Springfield Hall of Records
  • Flood
    • [4F03] We see Moe saving an Indian woman and her baby from a flood (but perhaps not Springfield?)
    • [AABF15] Homer floods Springfield in the name of art {ab}
  • Garbage
    • [5F09] Homer has a gorge filled with garbage, requiring the relocation of Springfield, 5 miles away
  • Hurricane
    • [4F07] Hall of Records mysteriously blown away in 1978
    • [4F07] Hurricane Barbara
    • [KABF09] Springfiled votes to fake a disaster to get federal aid - they fake a hurricane, but a fake FEMA official comes and charges a $2500 processing fee
  • Lightening Strikes
    • [9F02] Little Miss Springfield is struck
  • Nuclear
    • [8F04] Homer prevents 2 nuclear accidents
    • [3F05] Homer causes a 3-mile Island level event, but averts a Chernobyl level event
    • [3F08] Side Show Bob detonates a 10 megaton bomb dud
    • [5F02] France attacks with ICBM nuclear weapons
    • [FABF21] Homer: Sir, this is a class two plutonium fission reactor. If I turn this dial, the resulting blast would destroy the entire tri-city area, including that guy who sells those Blu-Blocker sunglasses people sometimes wear.
  • Power Outage
    • [7G04] due to surges from Dr. Monroe's Psychiatric Center
    • [7F13] Homer cuts power lines attempting to cut his cable line
    • [8F19] Homer causes blackouts as he pulls levers
    • [9F15] Burns cuts the power during the Union strike
  • Riots, Mobs, & Strikes
    • [7G03] group protesting at the Nuclear Plant
    • [7G07] mob after Bart and Homer
    • [7G12] mob burns Krusty merchandise
    • [7F09] SNUH protests Itchy & Scratchy
    • [7F09] SNUH protests Michelangelo's David
    • [7F15] riot in prison
    • [8F01] group protesting on TV
    • [8F19] riot in prison
    • [8F21] riot at the Spinal Tap concert
    • [8F24] mob of kids at Kamp Krusty
    • [9F10] mob at the airport
    • [9F13] "riot in progress" on the police radio
    • [9F14] Homer sees a strike on TV
    • [9F15] union at Springfield Nuclear strikes
    • [9F15] looting when the power goes out
    • [9F16] protesters attack Scratchy
    • [9F18] a Christian mob chases Bart
    • [9F20] city wide rioting in response to Jimmy Carter statue
    • [1F01] riot at Mr. Burns' birthday party
    • [1F01] mob after Burns' bear Bobo "we've given the word mob a bad name"
    • [1F05] riots and an mob after Bart and Homer
    • [1F09] mob after the Cat Burglar's treasure
    • [1F16] mob of solicitors at Burns' manor
    • [2F02] riot at prison
    • [2F05] riot breaks out at a children's hockey game
    • [2F06] group protesting at the Simpsons home
    • [2F07] mob after Homer and Grampa
    • [2F11] mob panic because of approaching comet
    • [2F19] civil war mob chases the Springfield Elementary students
    • [2F19] Teacher's Union strike
    • [2F19] Piano Tuner's Union, Local 412 strike {mw}
    • [2F20] mob after Homer
    • [2F31] mob is about to burn Prin. Skinner at the stake
    • [3F06] protesters outside of Mr. Burns' germ warfare lab
    • [3F10] mob of kids in the school
    • [3F20] angry mob at the Town Hall "we're here, we're queer, we don't want anymore bears"
    • [4F03] riot at prison
    • [4F06] mob at the burlesque house
    • [4F07] riot at the Kwik-E-Mart
    • [4F07] looters at the Leftorium
    • [4F08] mob in the stands at the baseball game throws pretzels
    • [4F15] a drunken mob at the St. Patrick's Day parade
    • [5F01] soccer riot, then city wide rioting
    • [5F05] mob tears down scientific institutions "It's smashing time"
    • [5F07] mob at 742 Evergreen Terrace
    • [5F19] mob throws rocks at Homer
    • [5F23] mob angry at the losing football team, turns over their airplane
    • [AABF05] riot at the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con
    • [AABF07] mob after evil children [in the movie The Bloodening]
    • [AABF18] mob at the `How low will you go' contest
    • [FABF03] Riot to destroy children related objects - Lindsay Naegle: Let's kill every child... friendly thing in town!
  • Tidal Wave
    • [9F19] sweeps through Springfield Harbor
    • [4F14] dam breaks, sweeps down Evergreen Terrace
  • Tornado
    • [1F15] pulls Patty and Selma in
    • [4F07] during hurricane Barbara
    • [RABF04] tornado hits Springfield
  • Toxic Spills
    • [7F01] toxic chemicals spilt into Lake Springfield a suspected cause of fish mutations
    • [2F04] tanker truck of glue spills open
    • [2F16] oil discovery contaminates properties including Moe's Tavern
    • [2F17] large amount of acid released during film production
    • [4F06] oil spill at Baby Seal Beach
    • [5F20] cooking grease spill in the elementary school gym
  • Volcano
    • [FABF22] Mount Springfield Erupts
  • Misc. Disaster and Crisis
    • [8F11] local boy falls down a well
    • [9F02] Duff Blimp crashes
    • [9F04] Zombies attack the city and later rot in the streets
    • [9F10] monorail crisis
    • [9F17] explosion at the old Simpsons place
    • [9F20] Osaka Flu hits Springfield
    • [2F06] explosion at the Candy Convention
    • [2F11] the only bridge out of town is destroyed
    • [2F16] Mr. Burns blots out the sun
    • [3F04] 50ft billboard characters attack Springfield
    • [4F08] mob war at 742 Evergreen Terrace

Town Charter

" your town charter boy...."  Homer --- "Lisa's Rival" [1F17]
  • Statutes of Springfield
    "'s the only town in America that'll let me fish with dynamite..."
    • [9F10] "...the chief constable (Chief Wiggum) shall receive one pig every month and two comely lasses of virtue true...."
    • [9F22] "It is illegal to mail threatening letters and to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling."
    • [1F08] Casino Gambling is legal in Springfield
    • [1F14] "No mercury dumping without permit"
    • [1F17] "If food stuff should touch the ground, said food stuff should be turned over to the village idiot."
    • [1F20] "It's a felony to tease the order box" (as in a fast food restaurant)
    • [2F06] Proposition 304: Polls will become legally binding
    • [2F17] "It is illegal for movie producers not to wear puffy director's pants."
    • [2F21] It is illegal to operate a Class-9 Vehicle (skateboard) without pads and a helmet
    • [3F16] Lisa is seen reading the Public Nudity: Codes and Statutes book hoping to help Apu get out of trouble
    • [3F20] Proposition 24: "illegal immigrants are to be deported."
    • [4F15] ".....spirituous beverages are hereby prohibited in Springfield under penalty of catapult..." [200 years ago]
    • [4F15] " is hereby written that ducks shall wear long pants...."
    • [4F15] "....the prohibition of spirituous beverages is hereby appealed...." [199 years ago]
    • [4F24] Proposition 305: discount bus fares for war widows
    • [5F05] It is a misdemeanor to destroy historic curiosities
    • [AABF07] various curfews enacted
    • [AABF07] On duty cops are prohibited from wearing control top panty hose
    • [AABF12] must have a permit to dump crud into the ocean
    • [AABF16] Proposition 217: yes on casinos
    • [AABF18] first line of charter: "We the People of Springfield"
    • [AABF18] the town charter is 4 paragraphs long
    • [AABF18] the town charter is signed by 6 people [one is Jebediah]
    • [AABF18] "Should the mayor abdicate, a council of learned citizens shall rule in his stead."
    • [AABF18] "...cruel and unusual..."
    • [AABF18] "...ritual circumcision..."
    • [EABF12] Proposition 104: Homer Out of Springfield Vote Yes on 104 (on billboard Patty & Selma put up)
    • [FABF03] Children's rights propositions: Marge: We want NO on 232. Yes on 242!
    • [GABF08] It's unlawful for a man to be hatless during daylight hours
    • [GABF08] You may not tie an alligator to a fire hydrant.
    • [GABF08] Five kicks of the same can shall be considered illegally transporting litter.
    • [PABF07] Mayor Quimby: In accordance with Article 6 Section 2 of the town charter,...(about to ban Simpsons when he's interrupted)
  • Police Codes
    "What have I told you about not using the numbers?" - Clancy Wiggum, "Chief of Hearts"
    • [9F17] code 008: send in some pretzels
    • [1F03] code 618-a: wanton destruction of precious antique cans
    • [5F06] code 318: waking a police officer
    • [5F13] code 341: burglary
    • [JABF12] code 866: dealing drugs
    • [MABF09] code 211: armed robbery
  • Misc. Laws
    • [1F13] I.B.J.D.P.C.N.T. Union, Local 643
      Rule #26: "every employee must win Employee of the Month at least once, regardless of incompetence, obesity, or rank odor"
    • [2F32] School Charter
      Page 6: No teacher shall be held accountable if Bart Simpson dies. Teachers are also absolved if Milhouse gets eaten by the school snake
    • [5F05] Antiquities and Fossils
      Municipal code 147C: protection of antiquities and fossils
    • [5F06] Real Estate Law
      Zone R-3 allows for dogs, cats and phone answering monkeys
    • [DABF12] Impersonating Movie Characters
      "This town has laws against impersonating movie characters."
  • Code of the Schoolyard [7G05]
    • Don't tattle
    • Always make fun of those different from you
    • Never say anything unless you're sure everyone feels exactly the same as you do

Education & Research

"I am so smart, I am so smart, s-m-r-t..."  Homer --- "Homer Goes to College" [1F02] {dv}
  • Public Institutions
    • [7G02] Springfield Elementary School {also [8F16], [1F18], [3F10], etc.}
    • [7G02] Enriched Learning Center for Gifted Children
    • [7F12] Springfield High School {also [1F03], [3F21], [5F03]}
    • [7F18] Springfield Community College Extension Center
    • [8F08] Springfield Junior High School [on Walnut St., down from Moe's]
    • [8F17] Springfield Barber College {also [9F03]}
    • [9F16] Adult Education Center
    • [1F02] Springfield A & M
    • [1F20] Adult Education Annex
    • [3F01] Family Skills Class
    • [3F20] Springfield Heights Institute of Technology {also [AABF11]}
    • [4F21] Romelwood Military School
    • [BABF14] Springfield Flight School
    • [CABF08] Springfield Adult Center "How to Make Friends"
    • [CABF14] West Springfield Elementary {tt}
    • [CABF14] "The magnet high school" (where Lisa will meet Thelonius again)
    • [EABF20] Springfield Magnet School for the Gifted and Troublesome
      {also [PABF06]}
      • [PABF06] Appears on one of Marge's quilt squares
    • [JABF02] Sunshine Preschool
    • [KABF06] P.S. 132 (where Donny was theoretically kicked out of)
    • [MABF17] Springfield Community College {also [PABF16]}
      • [MABF17] Diploma on Skinner's wall
      • [PABF16] School Lisa considers: Springfield Community College
    • [MABF17] Springfield Diploma Mill (Diploma on Skinner's wall)
    • [MABF17] Springfield Extension School (Diploma on Skinner's wall)
  • Private Institutions
    • [7G08] Springfield University {also [1F02], [2F06], [BABF06], [DABF15], [KABF04], [KABF11], [NABF06], [NABF10]}
      • [7G08] Irving Zitofshy's diploma (specifically "University of Springfield")
        (laser surgeon)
      • [1F02] Est. 1952
      • [BABF06] Plaque on Springfield University gate:
      • [NABF06] Dr. Loren Pryor's diploma (specifically "University of Springfield")
      • [NABF06] Elizabeth Alden - President of the University
        (on Dr. Loren Pryor's diploma)
      • [NABF10] Where Homer attends Adult Education - Fresh Start -
        Fathering Enrichment Class taught by Dr. Zander
    • [7F14] Eastside Ruff-Form School
    • [7F14] Professor Von Bowser's Sanitorium For Dogs
    • [7F14] Dr. Marvin Monroe's Canine Therapy Institute
    • [7F14] Emily Winthrop's Canine College
    • [8F15] Little Ludwig's Music School
    • [8F17] Springfield Barber College
    • [8F18] Ayn Rand School for Tots
    • [8F22] Saint Sebastian's School for Wicked Girls
    • [9F10] Lyle Lanley's School of Monorail Conducting
    • [9F18] Springfield Christian School "We Put the Fun in Fundamentalist Dogma"
    • [2F12] Krusty's Clown College (Fomerly Willie Nelson's House)
    • [3F03] Bovine University
    • [3F20] Springfield Heights Institute of Technology
    • [3G02] Miss Tillingham's School for Snotty Girls and Mama's Boys
    • [AABF03] Capt. McAllister's Lobster Academy
    • [AABF05] Leavelle's Bodyguard Academy
    • [CABF20] Swigmore University (which Moe attended)
    • [DABF06] Springfield Preparatory School
    • [EABF10] Springfield Extension School
    • [FABF09] Wickerbottom's Pre-Nursery School
    • [GABF02] Homer Simpson Showboating Academy
    • [JABF12] Springfield Animal Police Academy
    • [KABF11] Springfield A&M (vs. Springfield Univ. in football game)
    • [KABF11] Springfield Creative Arts Academy
    • [KABF22] Tuition Academy: A School For Girls "A Scholarship-Free Environment"
    • [MABF20] Cloisters Academy {also [PABF06]}
    • [PABF15] Onward Christian Schoolboys Academy - Home of the Sluggin' Thessalonians (where Rod and Todd went)
    • [PABF16] Springfield School of Law
    • [PABF17] Springfield Subatomoic Supercollider
      "Premiere's Tonight!   Strange Quarks: Use Back Entrance"


"I wouldn't want to be in any club that would have me as a member."
  Marge --- "Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield" [3F11]
  • Cultural Sites
    • [7G02] Opera House (where Carmen is playing)
    • [7G06] Symphony Hall (burns down)
    • [7G06] Springfield Arts Center (burns down)
    • [7G06] the Jazz Hole {also [8F08]}
    • [7F06] Springfield Center for Performing Arts
    • [8F06] the Grateful Gelding Stables
    • [8F13] Springfield Trade Center Millionaires Club
    • [8F21] Springfield Coliseum {also [4F03], [GABF03]}
      • [8F21] Spinal Tap Concert
      • [4F03] Boxing: Drederick Tatum vs. Homer Simpson
      • [GABF03] Murder for Life Benefit "No Gang Colors (Except Red)"
    • [8F23] Springfield Civic Center {also [9F16], [5F04], [DABF05], [DABF22]}
      • [9F16] Friday: Annual Cartoon Awards
      • [9F16] Saturday: Closed for Roach Spraying
      • [5F04] Tonight: Charity Bachelor Auction
      • [5F04] Tomorrow: I Retire, Ya Bastards!
      • [DABF05] Demolition Derby As Seen in Faces of Death III
      • [DABF22] Concert for Planet Hollywood
    • [1F15] Springfield Animal Refuge
      • 1000's of acres of simulated African savannah
    • [1F15] Springfield Arboretum
    • [1F19] Springfield Auction House
      • Fine Art and Furniture
    • [2F04] Veteran's Park "In Honor of Some Veterans"
    • [2F21] Jebediah Springfield Park {also [3G03], [4F06], [5F16]}
      • picnicking, paddle boating, outdoor amphitheatre, and more
    • [2F31] Springfield Performing Arts Center
    • [3F11] Springfield Glen Country Club {also [3F24], [4F05], [EABF07]}
      • Golf, Horseback riding, fine dining, and socializing
      • Proud Home of the Tippling Gadabout
      • Skinner spent summer there serving as maitre'd
    • [3F15] Springfield Botanical Gardens
    • [3F15] Larry's Chinese Theatre
      • Sidewalk of the Stars including Troy McClure
    • [3F21] Springfield Fairgrounds
    • [3F31] Springfield Civic Auditorium
      • Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular
    • [4F06] Springfield Park {also [AABF18], [GABF02]}
    • [5F06] Springfield Public Gardens
    • [AABF18] Springfield Park Gazebos
    • [BABF20] Yahoo Search Engine Arena
    • [BABF20] Olde Springfield Arena
    • [DABF21] Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific Arena
    • [EABF08] The Springfield Bowl "John Williams Conducts the Music of Itchy and Scratchy"
    • [JABF15] Springfield Dog Park
    • [KABF12] Springfield Monument Park
  • Museums
    • [7G06] Springfield Museum of Natural History {also [7F19], [1F19], [5F05]}
      • dinosaur fossils, a mummy exhibit, Childrarium, and the Age of Heroes Sandwich Shop
    • [7G06] Springfield Arts Center
    • [7F17] Museum of Barnyard Oddities
    • [7F18] Springfield Palace of Fine Arts
      • includes a Burns art wing
    • [9F19] Museum of Sand Paper
    • [1F09] Springfield Museum
      • "Truth, Knowledge, Gift Shop" featured the world's largest Zirconia exhibit
    • [3F13] Springfield Historical Society
      • where the dead come alive, metaphorically.
    • [4F12] Rock n' Roll Museum
    • [4F21] Museum of Crime
      • featuring the Hippie pot party exhibit
    • [5F13] Springfield Knowledgeum
      • "Where science is explained with brightly colored balls"
      • features an earthquake simulator, hall of wonders, macro-scope, double-helix, Velcro ceiling, superball floor, toss a virtual salad, read giant books, sex education pavilion (with a sex-ed. computer and Let's make a baby simulator), giant pendulum, see-through computer, and the Mars exhibit
    • [5F17] Springsonian Museum
    • [5F19] Homer's Museum of Hollywood Jerks
    • [5F21] Edison Museum
    • [AABF15] Louvre: American Style
    • [AABF15] Springsonian Museum
      • "Where the elite meet Magritte."
    • [EABF03] The Museum of Sadness and Oppression
    • [EABF11] Museum of Natural History
      • "Now With Multi-Ethnic Cavemen!"
    • [FABF07] Museum of Television and TV "Free Emmy to First Thousand Visitors"
    • [FABF09] Springfield Natural History Museum
    • [FABF16] Springfield Air and Space Museum
    • [KABF22] Springfield Folk Art Museum
  • Activities
    • [7G02] the opera Carmen
    • [8F18] "Oh Streetcar!" the Musical
    • [1F03] Ballet performance
    • [1F06] the musical Cats
    • [1F21] Senior Citizen Swing Dance
    • [1F21] Cat Spay-a-thon
    • [2F02] Springfield Mayoral Debates
    • [2F12] Regional Ace Awards
    • [2F21] Springfield Pops
    • [2F31] the play Sunrise at Campobello, starring Krusty the Clown
    • [2F31] Springfield Film Festival
    • [2F33] Krusty the Clown's 29th Anniversary Show
    • [3G01] Springfield Philharmonic Orchestra (also [GABF08])
    • [4F04] Spalding Gray
    • [4F04] Mostly Mandrigold
    • [4F04] an Evening with Phillip Glass
    • [4F04] Voices of the Elderly
    • [5F06] Historic Manuscript Viewing
      sponsored by the Friends of the Library
    • [5F17] Treasures of Isis exhibit
    • [5F22] Springfield Birdwatching Society "Pecking Order Strictly Enforced"
    • [AABF12] Book Fair
    • [AABF18] Mensa meetings
    • [NABF22] Springfield Book Fair
  • Charities and Auctions
    • [8F20] 27th Annual Krusty the Klown Telethon for Motion Sickness
    • [9F20] Beautify our Parks bake sale
    • [1F03] Public TV Telethon
      • hosted by Troy McClure it raised $53.58
    • [1F03] Out with Gout 88'
    • [1F03] Let's Save Tony Orlando's House
    • [5F04] Charity Bachelor Auction
      • attempted to raise money for the Springfield Fire Dept.
      • Bachelor Rejects: Barney, Capt. McAllister, Hans Moleman, Disco Stu, Moe Szyslak, Prof. Frink, Otto Mann, & the Comic Book Guy
    • [5F06] Police Seized Property Auction
    • [5F10] Comedy Festival
      • comedians to fight soil erosion at the Springfield Amphitheater
    • [5F12] Police Moonlight Charity Cruise


"Springfield, city on the........GROW"
  • Unions
    • [9F15] International Brotherhood of Jazz Dancers, Pastry Chefs, and Nuclear Technicians Local 643
    • [2F19] Piano Tuner's Union, Local 412
    • [2F19] Teacher's Union
      • purple monkey dishwasher
    • [8F07] Buck Henderson, Union Buster
    • [9F15] Strike Breakers {the kind they had in the 30's}
  • Burnsodyne: the Profit People
    • [7G03] Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
    • [1F08] Monty Burns Casino
    • [4F17] Burns Recycling Inc.
    • [4F17] Little Lisa Recycling Plant
    • [1F04] Springfield Blood Bank
    • [2F16] Burns Construction Co.
      • "building a better tomorrow, for him"
    • [2F16] Burns Slant Drilling Co.
    • [3F21] Ticket Master
    • [AABF06] a chain of nursing homes
    • [AABF15] owns the rights to `White Christmas'
  • Springfield Food Industry
    • [8F03] Chocolate Factory - Ah Fudge
      • Mascot Cocoa Beanie
    • [9F08] Rendering Plant
    • [9F14] Duff Brewery {also
    • [4F15]}
    • [1F07] Trout Hatchery
    • [1F09] Big Tea Factory
    • [1F15] Caramel Factory
    • [1F15] Peanut Factory
    • [3F03] Meat for You
    • [3F17] Southern Cracker {also [4F04]}
      • "the Dryyyyyy Cracker"
    • [5F20] Grease Recycling Plant
    • [AABF02] Groovy Grove Juice Corp.
    • [AABF15] Springfield Oatmeal Works
    • [DABF03] Motherloving Sugar Corp.
    • [DABF22] Slaughter House
    • [NABF16] Frito-Lay Distribution Center
    • [RABF01] Springfield Sausage Factory (in grampa flashback)
  • Other Manufacturing
    • [8F19] Sulfur Mine
    • [8F19] Fertilizer Plant
    • [9F15] Fake Vomit, Inc.
    • [9F16] Itchy & Scratchy International {also [3F16]}
    • [9F19] Pillow Factory
    • [1F08] Springfield Aqua Car Factory
    • [1F08] Springfield Galoshes Factory
    • [1F11] Slide Factory
    • [1F11] Box Factory
    • [1F12] Petrochem Petrochemical Corp.
      • proud makers of Caustic Polypropylene and Malibu Stacey
    • [2F17] Spirograph Factory
    • [3F19] United Strut & Bracing Works
    • [4F05] Abandoned Warehouse
    • [4F11] Ajax Steel Mill
    • [4F13] Squid Gutting
    • [4F19] 35 Industry Way [Bart's factory]
      • apparent business is converting adding machines into industrial waste
      • building collapsed {may be out of business now}
    • [5F20] Acne Grease Co.
    • [5F20] Acne Grease and Shovel
    • [BABF14] Play-Doh Factory
    • [DABF01] Steel Mill
    • [DABF01] Smoke Factory


"....dank p.p. soaked heck hole...."
  • Springfield Penal System
    • [*All*] Springfield Prison (Every opening (including The Simpsons Movie) as they pass over town zooming in on Springfield Elementary)
    • [7G03] Springfield State Prison {also [8F19], [9F21], [2F02], [4F07]
    • [7F03] Springfield Prison {also [4F14])
    • [7F15] Springfield State Penitentiary
    • [9F03] Springfield Correctional Institute
    • [9F20] Springfield Women's Prison
    • [9F22] Springfield Penitentiary {also [4F03], [CABF10], [DABF16], [EABF18], [FABF08], [MABF08], [MABF11], [MABF19]}
    • [1F19] Springfield Prison {bus seen}
    • [2F02] Springwood Minimum Security Prison {also [3F08]}
    • [2F05] Springfield City Jail
    • [2F19] Springfield Elementary School and Prison
    • [3F07] Springfield Juvenile Hall "Proud home of the Soap Bar Beating" {also [FABF11]}
      • [3F07] "Proud home of the Soap Bar Beating"
      • [FABF11] Now Accepting Criminal Midgets
    • [5F12] Jail
    • [5F13] Morningwood Penitentiary [condemned]
    • [FABF11] Springfield Juvenile Correctional Facility
    • [GABF08] Montgomery Burns State Prison or Montgomery Burns State Penitentiary
    • NOTE: in [5F13], we learn that Homer has been in jail 6 times, and Marge twice
    • [AABF11] prison breakout-- Marge breaks down the fence
  • Springfield Parole Board
    • [9F20] releases Marge
    • [2F02] releases Sideshow Bob
    • [2F02] releases Snake
    • [4F03] releases Deredrick Tatum
    • [CABF05] releases Jack with Marge's help
    • [CABF10] releases Sideshow Bob

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